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Trailblazers Trail Pictures

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The trails are designed for all season use

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Stroll this scenic trail on the way to the campground

Edgar and  Vossler family members hard at work



Highland Road entrance to the East / West Trail

Ella and Walker Hall trying out the new log crossing during the work party 2009

Creek is still running in late July

Take this quick short cut to or from
East Fawn Creek Road

Highland Meadows entrance


Looking down from Homestead Road to the pool facility

The Pool Trail was our first community
Trailblazer  project. 2008

Pool Trail volunteers hard at work in 2008

This trail marker is located where?



View of the Upper meadow entrance to the UMQA trail

Heading down from the upper meadow bench

The base of this ole tree is right along the trail 

A view of the upper meadow and resting spot too

Where have you seen this marker?


West Cassal Road entrance to the Overlook Trail

Lucky Jim Bluff as seen from fork in the trail


Look for this entrance to the Mustard Mountain Trail off of East Fawn Creek

Dave Menzimer blazing a new trail

Tai Huff hard at working helping to build the Mustard Mountain Trail

Pat Kato moving a branch to get trail ready for more logs

Bill Huff and daughter Mari and son Tai working

South East Fawn entrance barely scratched out

North East Fawn entrance under construction

Mustard Mountain Road entrance (early construction)

You can use your GPSr to find the Edelweiss Trails: Get started on your adventure


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