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In addition to the community map, we also have several trail systems available. Some are listed here but we also have in the winter, a ski loop in the upper meadow that is groomed on a time/equipment available basis by volunteers.

Community Map
High quality prints of the Edelweiss Community mapavailable from Ron Bomba. Email: art@ronbomba.com
Trailblazers Trails
Map and trails created under the direction and muscle of Jan and Will Fohrell beginning in the spring of 2008
Edelweiss Bike Trail
These trails are on Forest Service land above Edelweiss and connect with the Rendezvous Basin Bike Loop
Evacuation Plan Evacuation Plan and Map

IMPORTANT: if you pass through a gate, please close it behind you


Upper Meadow, photo taken by Karen Reneau







Edelmaze and Rendezvous trail maps are new here



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