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Community Fees for 2019

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Ongoing Costs

Annual Dues (2020)

$441 Residential Lots

$241.50 Campground Lots


Water Fees

$367.50/yr for all homeowners, full or part time, billed annually in January.  Allocation of water is 84,000 gallons per household per year.  Currently water is not metered.

Hose Bib fee (minimum fee)  $94.50/yr. billed annually  in January.


Central Sewage

The fee is $239.40/yr for all homeowners connected to the Edelweiss common drain fields. 

The charge for an empty lot is $119.70.

These are county fees and are billed directly by Okanogan county.


Snowplowing Fees

Homeowners pay 100% of total costs

Snowplowing is billed 2 times per year, the first billing ($143.50) in January, the final in May after the season's total costs are determined.  Total costs depend on amount of snow, the amount of sanding done and repair and maintenance of equipment.



- Billed annually in January -

Full Time Residents:  $242.00 per year

Part Time Residents:  $110.00 per year

Campground Owners $33 per year 

(Contact Management for the combination to the garbage sheds.)


Property transfer fee

Fee is $150.

Building Fees
(one time)


New Construction - $4,200 plus water hook-up fee of $3,540

$1,200 is payable when building plans are submitted to Architectural committee.  The balance of $3,000 is payable prior to commencement of construction and goes into a road maintenance and improvement account to offset expenses incurred by use of heavy equipment on Edelweiss road system.

Please note: The $3,540.00 water hook-up fee for new construction must be paid prior to hook-up and manager must be notified 24 hours in advance to oversee the water service line connection.  Additionally, all hook-ups to the EMC water system must be made using high density polyethylene and appropriate brass or fusion fitting to include an  Edelweiss water meter and mounting bracket.

All outbuildings, (sheds, garages, carports, etc). : $100.00


Central Sewage Fees
(Applies only to new construction for those lots on community drain fields)

$4400.00 two bedroom minimum, and $2200.00 for each additional bedroom

NOTE:  All fees, costs or dues are subject to change.  Please contact EMC directly for the most accurate information possible.



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