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A Community in the Methow Valley
of Washington State

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 Edelweiss Maintenance Commission

The Edelweiss Maintenance Commission is a Homeowner's Association responsible for the maintenance of the development's infrastructure. The job of the Commission is to keep the roads and water system of Edelweiss functioning as efficiently as possible.

Mailing Address: PO Box 846,  Winthrop, WA  98862

Telephone 509-996-9897

Email: Edelweiss@edelweissmethowvalley.org

Emails are received by all Board Members and Management

Phone messages and emails are checked daily and will be returned promptly


Emergency Contacts:

Dick Volckmann, General Manager 509.996.9897
Craig Hook, Operations Manager    509.996.2427



EMC Logo, designed by John Adams, April 2010






Winter Newsletter 2017

Board Minutes
Dec 5th, 2016

Next Board Meeting
April 3, 2017, 6PM at John Kirner's home


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